Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evolution of ukulele

Welcome to my blog on ukulele. In 1879 a Portuguese immigrant came to Hawaii and brought a certain instrument. This instrument was named "Braguinha". The first Hawaiian name was Pila li'ili'i which means little fiddle. Later it was then name ukulele. There are lots of ways on how ukulele got it's name. During my research i found out that one way they got the name was because it was named after the only Hawaiian stringed instrument Ukeke. Ukulele is translated as jumping flea and it is because when the Hawaiians saw how fast your hand could move and it looks like your hand is jumping from chord to chord. As you look through my blog i will show you the four standard types and two other types which one is from the past and one is the new and improve.


~Makanani Girl~ said...


Rachel said...

Woody. I like your blog :D I'm excited to see how your project goes. Love;Rachel

Ka'imi said...

Good job really like ur project hope to see it soon... :P :) lov yah... Ka'imi

Aunty Max said...

Very nice, impressive and tech savvy. Glad to see you are learning a new skill. Just remember blogs are journal logs not websites. Both have different purposes. Also, 2 of 4 links in your bibliography list is working. Check the 2 error links. Other then that, keep up the good work. IMUA!!!

feki54 said...

I like what Aunty Max commented on. A blog is a type of website that is in a journal type-format and can be the start of creating good habits in sharing information on-line.
I love your Bibliography or you can call it a works cited.

Let's see what else we can do to spice things up a bit.


Aunty Max said...

Brickwood, I would like to suggest adding your email info on your blog so visitors can privately contact you if necessary.

I do need to share information with you regarding your resent post eval on this project. But in the meantime, please update your time log on Proj Foundry to reflect better accuracy. That log affects your final credit amount and I want you to get all you deserve for this great project. As soon as that task is done, we can close out this project. :)