Monday, September 1, 2008


From the creative minds of Dale Webb and "Jumpin" Jim Beloff they have made a new creation that will trip people out. This is the fluke the new and improved ukulele. With this ukulele come a new shape and new style. The Fluke is slightly bigger then the concert type and has 15" scale and comes in different colors that could match your personality. Made from Maple for the neck part and the top part made from Australian Pine and the body made with plastic and wood giving a amazing sound that you would not believe unless you heard one. The Fluke also has a new feature which is it can stand in place because of it's flat bottom triangular shape.

In the picture to the left is the Samuel K. Kamaka holding the famous pineapple ukulele that he created in 1916. In the late 20's while there was competition in the ukulele industry in Hawaii it was the pineapple ukulele style that keep him going and later making him the only Hawaiian ukulele maker. Samuel Kamaka had the idea to make a smaller ukulele with a full tone and that is how he came up with the Pineapple shape. But some say that the reason he made the pineapple shape was because it was easier to make from it's round shape instead of making the curves.

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